Older Driver Assessment

Older Driver Assessment

From 1 December 2008, when you reach 85 years of age, in addition to the annual medical examination, you are required to pass a practical driving assessment every second year (age 85, 87, 89 etc) to retain your unrestricted driver licence.

Why choose us?

At BDI, we have RMS accredited assessors to help you in your local area. Which means each assessment is tailored and developed around where you live. We’ll help you do your assessment in a relaxed, stress free environment.

BDI Benefits

  • You are more familiar and comfortable around your area.
  • Flexible with time
  • Stress free
  • Provide training before assessments to brush up your skills
  • Either your vehicle or our vehicle (extra cost)
  • Reasonable price

For more information about this course call us on 0420 279 483 or use the contact form on this page.