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“I had accumulated over 90 hours of driving experience before seeing Adrian but I had still learnt a lot of new things from him in our one-hour session. I liked Adrian’s approach to teaching driving. He encouraged me to actively think about what I was doing and take control of the situation instead treating me like a passive learner who waited to be told how to deal with a situation. He was watchful of my driving and often briefed me on a situation before it came upon me so that I could have time to think about how to deal with it. He also helped me reflect on my weaknesses in driving and suggested practical ways for me to improve. Being patient is also one of Adrian’s greatest assets. Overall, I think his approach has helped me become more confident in my driving.

Keys2Drive survey response

When I first got my L’s, I decided that I needed lessons straight away since my relatively strict (Italian) parents were too frightened to drive with me immediately. I was referred by a friend to a driving school which then directed me to Adrian. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was making the right choice because I knew that whoever I would have, I would be investing quite a bit of time and money in because I wanted quality… but SHEESH did I get more than just quality! I remember every single time he would drive down my street to pick me up for a lesson, there would always be this assuring smile that I was going to get my money’s worth. Whether it was learning parking techniques or critiquing ‘nitty gritty’ aspects of my driving, Adrian was always there to guide me through with CONFIDENCE. And to top it off, we would have a semi-evaluation session at the end of each lesson which involved a quick 5 minute open discussion relating to my strengths and weaknesses so that any issues were open and transparent.

In all honesty, Adrian has been an excellent instructor and has never failed to impress, particularly with his easy-going attitude. There is however, one attribute that I believe Adrian ultimately possessed which discriminates from all other driving schools… Patience. As Maya Angelou once said “without patience, we cannot practice any virtue with consistency”. For this reason, I would highly recommend Adrian’s instructing services to everyone, regardless of their age. : )

Yours truly, Julian Allotta

My instructor Adrian, He was a very nice guy, patient and knowledgeable made me feel comfortable and confident, I really recommend Adrian to any learner drivers.

Colin young

Adrian has really been an amazing driving instructor. He puts a lot of effort into making his lessons fun, easy-going and at the same time very useful. There’s no pressure, no yelling if you do something wrong – but instead he encourages to think about what to do better next time. He has this evaluation sheet after each lesson which really lets you know what are your strengths and weaknesses – and what to practice further. It’s scary driving for the first time, but his patience and expertise really makes you feel much more confident. He’s got a lot of experience and really knows the ins and outs of what it really takes to be a good driver – and he passes all that on to you. Totally recommended!


My names Alfred and I attended classes from Beyond Driving Institution and boy was I pleased that I took classes from Adrian. My first reactions to driving school was nervous and scared being that i have never been in a car with a different person besides my parents, uncles and aunties. The class also helped me gain confidence behind the wheel and relaxing me when i attended my driving test at RTA. I am grateful that i found Adrian, and I advise you to take his classes.